Thursday, 30 April 2015

手作りジュエリーと効果ありのローション。Hand made jewelry and effective hand made face lotion.


3 things of my hand-made here.
A gorgeous necklace for  a commission.  It's made of glass pearl beads and silver plated wire. This design is kind of spontaneous. Thinking which way the wire should go and should tangle as building it so every time is deferent. Well, it a one of the kind! 


Those simple pair of earrings are kind of a experiment. I happened to buy some earring chain/pins like them, so I wanted to use them somehow. The rings were so small so it was a bit difficult to handle them. However, in this case I'm lucky to be super nearsighted. I can see small things very well when they are very close to my eyes. On the other hand, when I look up, I can't even find my tools on the desk! lol.



This is also hand made thing. I use this lotion literally head to toe. I have a dry and sensitive skin so I used to use very expensive facial cosmetic line and I needed also good ones for my body. However, I find it's effective even better and the cost would be 1% -well may be less- form my former facial cream.

 I make it in the small bottle twice a week. The ingredient is, 3 quarter of that bottle of distil water or infused organic rooibos tea (or even green tea),  organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerine, and your choice of essential oils. I regularly use few drops of Lavender witch is powerful anti-inflammatory, and Neroli for hormone balance, and sometimes adding up Cypress for firming and/or Camomile for atopic skin condition, and/or rose for soothing skin and psychologically too and so on. 

It's not like "natural means safe".  Actually many of plants' substances work as poisons and can be cause of allergic reactions. So you have to learn well and chose ingredients wisely and find right amount of them for your skins. If you can make it, it's supposed to work very well. 

Anyways, I personally believe that the method is much better than using some mass products which contains a lot of chemicals and preservatives. Well, the best part of it is maybe easy for your wallet. lol.


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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

ネックレス作った。お誕生日会。変わった洗濯洗剤。I made necklaces. A birthday party. A different laundry soap.


It's was Sunday.
My brother's huge yard. Bears and deers are roaming around sometimes. It's not so far away form Vancouver downtown though. 30min driving from there and also from my place.

I actually saw a deer at the entry way of his place.


And a birthday lunch party on his deck with the same members of the family. We had 4 of April people.


My sister-in-law and her brother's wife made this gorgeous cake together. I just cut some strawberries for it. lol. A matcha sponge with aduki bean paste strawberry short cake.


This design is getting popular. Angel wing + your name necklaces.


A gift for a little lady. Sweet design of a floral heart necklace.

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Well...This is a laundry soap. 

ピンボケだけど、ボトルの大きさが分かると思います。一回の洗濯に2mlしか使いません。アメリカ製で、99.8%が植物由来です。原材料は "soapberry" だそうです。そんな洗剤の役目を果たすベリーがあるとは知らなかった。確かに甘酸っぱいジャムの様な匂いがします。環境や身体に良いものを選んで行きたいと思います。

A picture is out of focus but you can see how small the bottle is. I use only 2 ml of it per a laundry. Very efficient. This is all natural. 99.8% of it is form plant based. Soapberry! I didn't know such a plant that works as detergent existing. Actually it smell like a berry jam but it works! I would like to chose everything which is eco-friendly and good for our health. 

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You can see my art and craft pieces at this page (click the ling below). If you like something, please feel free to contact me here or that page. Thank you!


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Friday, 24 April 2015

この花何? 昨日見た映画。What's this flower? A movie I watched last night.


It's raining. So I haven't gotten out at all as well. This scene is form my window. There is a big flower tree with a bunch of white flowers right cross my place. Do you know what is this? if so, please let me know to post a comment here.


As soon as I said so the rain has stopped  an sun came out. I went out and took this close up pic. Now you can tell what is this, right?


My peonies under the rain. One of them is pink mysteriously.


Last night while my husband was playing Volleyball, I watched a movie on Netflix by myself.

サンペンスのカテゴリーから何となく選んだこれ、 「パセンジャーズ」。全く期待していなかったので、思いがけなく良かったです。







I choose this, "Passengers" without any thoughts. Actually I liked it maybe because I didn't have any expectation from it.

Summery is...

"A grief counselor working with a group of plane-crash survivors finds herself at the root of a mystery when her clients begin to disappear."
(From IMDb)

First of all, the location of this movie was all in Vancouver. It happens very often but still so much fun to find the scenes where I'm familiar with, behinds those famous actors. Street names and license number of cars are usually changed as American ones but they can't change the sign of buses' destinations which driving around in the back ground. So you can identify the place if you know the city. Anyways, how beautiful Vancouver is!

Second reason why I liked this movie is because of Eric plated by Patric Wilson. He looked alike the guy a was seeing for a short time before, lol. It's so personal. 

Anyways, I thought of it as a suspenseful movie because I picked it from the category at first but it turned out that was more fantasy or spiritual movie then suspenseful to me. Made in 2008.

Check it out!


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Monday, 20 April 2015

もう夏かと思った週末。The weekend I thought "Is already summer here?".


Oh my good! It's 22 degrees now! Feels like summer here in Canada! 
All of buds of my peony has finally been in blossom. 


We drove 30 min to New West Minster, where is also river side of Fraser river, for our friend's BD dinner together. Port mann bridge on the photo is the widest bridge in the world. 

昼間から、アメリカTVドラマ、シーダーコーブ、シーズン3の撮影やってました。この町は映画、テレビドラマの撮影が多いです。バンクーバーもですけどね。同じ場所で同じくTVドラマ、ワン アポン ザ タイムの撮影もやってます。

TV drama, "Cedar Cove season 3" was shooting in our village. The cities, Vancouver too, are very popular locations for Hollywood. Our community hall is also used by "Once Upon The Time".

It was continue to the night. It as so bright in our property. 

Almost the he same place under daylight. 



Pastries form my favourite "Black smith bakery cafe". They were amazing.


Stopped by nearby farm. People could feed animals here so goats knew that. They came to us as soon as they notice us.

Like this. It's 15 min on foot from us. If you go there in the morning, fresh eggs seem available.

Some renovation progress in the weekend.


We added a beam on the bolted vaulted ceiling. A gap in the middle is going to be cover by iron cap and a light fixture is hanging from it. The wooden window frame is going to stain as the same colour as the beam. 


I bought a mascara from a friend who is a presenter of the brand. $35.
Faber and mascara come separately so you can control volume and length you want.


Wired look of eyes in the photo! lol. I applied it modestly but still it made my eyelashes long. I recommend it. 


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Thursday, 16 April 2015

ピオニー咲いた。アボカド水栽培もう一度。カラフル夕ご飯。Peony blossom. Avocado hydroponics again. Colourful dinner.

One flower of peony has bloomed! It's my hand full size.


Last evening, it was like this. A pale pink bud is mysteriously in bloom as a white flower today. 
I had a one flower last year too but the same time my beloved cat was very sick so I wan't able to enjoy the flower. When he was gone in early May, the flower was gone too. So I think that these 4 flowers of peony in this year are send by him as his gifts for me.


I have posted about my avocado pits before but they were failed to sprout. I'm gonna try it out again. My husband  is crazy about avocado though. lol


Last time was like this, I just stuck tooth picks to support a pit on the water but when the water evaporate even a bit, a pit expose above the water. That would be a cause of failure. So...


I made special holders like this at this time. A pit can be stay in the water. Will see again, lol.



Dinner last night I cook was so colourful. It's been a while to make beet pesto. It's easy and delicious!
You wrap beets by piece of aluminum foils and put them into the oven. (425F about 50min). Peel them and put them into a food processor together with walnuts, garlic, lemon juice, parmesan cheese and olive oil. Blend them as paste. Mix it into your choice of pasta, quinoa, rice or so. 
I added some cashew nuts and aged cheddar cheese too into yesterday's one. My pasta was organic kamut penne which I believe better than white pasta. I put a lot of sliced of yellow bell pepper in the salad and some left over green smoothy as our drink. 

By the way, when my husband looked up at me as eating the pasta, I noticed that his lips were very pink, well magenta like lipstick on as a drag queen. I was almost bursted out laughing. Be careful ;)



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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

春の町は美しい。夫の作品再び。The village is beautiful in spring. My husband pieces again.


Ahhh, Aroma of coffee is filled in my place right now and it makes me feel happy.  I just came back form getting my favourite coffee. I introduced it before here but it was a nearby coffee roaster,  where Japanese Canadian guy own,  called Republica. It's organic and fair trade. 
In the middle of weekday so no one was in the picnic area.


I'm not a tourist anymore so I don't need to take pictures of the village every time I go out, but you know what? I just simple can't help doing that because it's breathtaking in the spring. Even a grave yard is so beautiful like somewhere in Europe. 

There are many of those old pretty houses in the village like this.


Change the subject. My husband has been making this, a partition for between a kitchen and a living room. It's supposed to hide the side of a fridge. We bought a couple of cast iron grilles at the antique shop. This is still just layout and he is going to put them together from now. I'm responsible for painting on it. I'm planing to make it rustic by using cottage chalk pains and distress it a bit later. 


And this. My husband was suddenly baked some cookies a night before last night. He is even more health conscious than me so they were of course very healthy ones with gluten free recipe. 
It was simple as like put a can of chick peas, non sweeten peanut butter, honey, vanilla extract and backing powder in a food processor, mixed then put some chocolate chips. And bake them in the oven. All ingredients were organic. 
Texture was not like cookie to me because it was moist, soft and bit gooey. However, it taste like Japanese sweet especially like Nerikiri which is Japanese sweet been paste. I liked them very much. Try! 

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Sunday, 12 April 2015

想定外の土曜日、ネイティブカナディアンの戦い。Unexpected Saturday, Fight together with First nations.


The season goes so fast, and flower's life is so short...
Well, the peony I mentioned 3 days ago is like this in this morning. It will be white when it opens but now a huge pale pink bud is about to bloom.


For Friday dinner, I cooked pork chop. We hardly eat big chunk of meat at home though. It was marinated with fresh sage, rosemary and mint from our yard, and with garlic and olive oil too. Garnish was brussels sprout, zucchini, bell pepper and Japanese sweet potato roast. They roasted all together in the oven in the same oven sheet. It was so easy (lazy?) but looked gorgeous, and tasted great! Sweetness of the Japanese sweet potato instead of regular potato was actually good match with pork chop. 



It was Saturday morning, I got a text message from my University friend. He said that he and his wife were having breakfast at the diner at the conner of our village. And invited me to joint the rally against pipeline with Kwantlen tribe which was happening from noon here in Fort Langley. 

The picture was the small church which I usually take a picture form this side of the river. I haven't  crossed the bridge to get the reservation of Kuwantlen ever. There was a meeting place for the rally there so I was curious to get there.

私たちが到着した時にはデモ行進が出発する所でした。This is our home: Fort Langley No Pipeline March and Rally.これが今回の行進のテーマ。BC州では今大きな問題になっている石油パイプラインの拡張工事の反対運動です。お隣のアルバータ州から湧き出る原油を、ロキー山脈を切り抜け、私たちのBC州の太平洋に待ち受けるタンカーまでパイプラインで運び、輸出するルートを拡大するためには多くの手つかずの自然を破壊して行くのは目に見えています。もちろん多大な利益が生まれ、潤う人達も多くいる事でしょう。街、国の発展を!という見方もあるか思います。私はそれほど強い政治的立場を持って物を言う立場ではありませんが、自分の本能と話しをする様にこの事柄を思った時、居場所を失った野生動物達や、汚されゆく海、奪われて行く先住民達の歴史や伝統をイメージして身震いする事を禁じ得ませんでした。理屈抜きで悲しかったのです。私たちの住む地域は元々クワンタリン族のもの。彼らは他の部族と同様に、BC州のカナダの自然を守るために戦っています。

When we got there, the march was about to leave so we joined them immediately. The rally was called "This is our home: Fort Langley No Pipeline March and Really." It has been big controversial in BC that the Kinder Morgan has been trying to expand there pipeline for petroleum from Alberta to Vancouver port cut through rocky mountains and our beautiful province. That way will obviously ruin many valuable nature, animal lives, native people's lands and beautiful ocean. I'm not really political person and I know that that will be beneficial for some people and they will try to convince us that the pipeline makes our life richer and easier. However, when I picture that the pipelines ripe our mother nature up, my heart cries.  Simply scared. 
Our community was originally owned by Kwantalen tribe so I, newcomer to the land, followed their way and fight together.


My friend who invited me to the rally is an artist and also an activist. In the march, the singing voices  of Kwantlen and their drums sounded in my heart deeply, and guided us to walk through in the village. I thought their features were similar to us, Asian including us, Japanese. So their sound was kind of nostalgic to me and also powerful enough to shake my core. 


We reached the community hall the end of the march and drums seemed like never stop beating. The rally was peaceful. That made us even more emotional. I thinks that our mother earth doesn't accept our human ego any longer. We have to change otherwise we will have no promised future for us. 


The flowers which I didn't know were very beautiful just beside of the community hall. It was a great day.

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